Sunday, January 13, 2013


Candles can be everywhere in winter. Tapers at a holiday dinner table, or candles in the windows to light the way home, or just scented candles in a seasonal fragrance. I try to always have a seasonal candle ready to light in my kitchen. Candles can also be such a d├ęcor element. One neat thing about candles is that by switching the holder, or the color, or the decorations around it, they can cycle through the seasons.
Incidentally, My grandmother’s house was one of those places with candles that are never lit. Behind her chair was a clock with a frame and in the frame sat two candles, never lit. On the coffee table two tapers, never lit. UNTIL, one day my brother, a young teen or so at the time, says “How comes these are never lit?” And he pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit them! It was like stepping on sacred ground. I gasped. And one of us, I forget which, immediately blew them out. Until the day when those candles were packed away they had just the tiniest bit of burnt black wick at the very top.
Did you know, you can use epsom salt as a fake snow indoors? Pour it into a candle holder, or vase. Or you can mix it with water to make a slush, then brush (use a bad old paintbrush) onto glass. But this next one uses something different, egg white and sugar!
frosted jars
I can picture this simple display shifting through the year. Take out the pinecones, add felt hearts, replace the greenery with roses, and you shift right from winter to Valentine’s Day!

What about you? Do you have any memories or traditions that involve candles?

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