Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s isn’t huge in our family, so by no means will this be some amazing post. I hung our heart garland. And we exchanged a few simple gifts.
P2145864I made our heart garland a few years ago. It’s pretty simple. I found a small, simple, crochet heart pattern and made one in every red, pink, or white yarn I had at the time. Then I made a chain of white and occasionally a drop down chain with the hearts on it. And for a truth factor, I STILL have all those same yarns, in the same bag, and just grab it around this time of year for new projects. P2145873
After much searching for a similar pattern I found out I actually had a Ravelry project that shows the exact pattern I used! So if you wanted to make your own just start out with a stash of yarns, a few basic hook sizes (I may have even used just one size) and have fun!(Edited, turns out I didn't read my own info, that pattern MAY be the same one I used, says so on my Ravelry Project Page)
P2145881I DID finish not one, but TWO of the Heart’s Desire Doily! One in a pink cotton blend, and one in white dishcloth cotton. The pink created a cute little centerpiece when combined with a little vase and some fake flowers. They whipped up quite quick, the second one especially since it was partly by memory. And I hope to keep right on going to make a few for belated gifts.
I made my husband and son each a simple heart, and a valentine. One you may recognize from my stamp carving tutorial, the other I water colored a few weeks ago.

Of course my son was happy. He’s always so happy lately it seems like. Must be making up for the first 4 years where he screamed all the time.
There is a picture of my husband and son together, holding their gifts, but I might end up divorced if I share it.
My son has been tucked away for many hours in his room making gifts. He declared that we MUST have a present giving party, where we all gave each other our presents. Then he sat down to make even more presents. I hear he made some for his friends too, but I’ve not seen them. P2145885
Mine were a necklace, a puffy picture of a flower, and a glittery heart. My husband got a plain foam heart with stickers, and I’m not sure what else.

My wonderful, over achieving neighbor came knocking with her older boys. They had created adorable valentines. One was a card using a P2145876glow stick as a lightsaber, one was cake ball ice cream cone that said “You’re Sweeter than a Scoop of Ice Cream.” For me was a cake ball pop, and later another one she actually expected me to give to my husband! The ice cream cone did suffer some damage before I got to photograph it. But it was handed out of a basket from a newly 4 year old, to an almost 6 year old, then carried around before it made it’s way to the table. I think it held up pretty well!  P2145891
For dinner I stabbed heart shapes into the top crust of individual pot pies. Then my sweet boy ended the day by making goody bags for two of his animals, and setting them up to sweetly open them together.
Now, if you’re wondering where my gift from my husband is, well, I told him that he has to buy me chocolates tomorrow, so I can get twice as much for the same price! February 15th, is the best holiday, Chocolates Half Price day!!! Stay tuned to see if he carried out his end of the bargain. Hope you had a sweet day!

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