Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine’s- The Craft Box

For years my husband and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. Then a few years ago at the store I waited in the car and he walked out of the store, jumped in the car, dropped a bag in my lap and said “Happy Valentine’s” and we have ever since. That year it was a digital camera. But now we try to keep it simple. Usually just making each other little things and buying a bag of candy or something.

Even when we didn’t celebrate though Blu and I would do some kind of card making. When he was almost 3 he even made one for the lady who owns the fabric store! I really believe in the creative freedom of such things, so usually I create a box of appropriate materials then let him go to town.

I’ve graduated that system a bit to a seasonal craft box. I use one of the 12x12 plastic boxes with the clasped lid. It holds full size papers with ease, and has plenty of space for extras. Plus the lid clasps shut so he can move it from room to room, even downstairs and upstairs without risking a mess. At Christmas it has supplies for ornaments, cards, anything a 5 year old might want to make. Then I just cleaned it out from Christmas and stocked it up with Valentine’s!


It has construction paper, cardstock, craft foam, all in red, white and pink of course! Then also cardboard collage shapes (one side is a giant sticker to attach paper, pompoms, whatever) heart stencils, stickers, glitter glues, markers, some cotton balls, and some red and white buttons. Okay, I admit, the buttons are leftover from Christmas they are red, white, and green, BUT they also have lots of hearts, flowers, scalloped circles, and other cute lovey shapes. He already has some glue, scissors, and other basics at his desk.

It is a nice little quiet time activity for him before bed. PJs, brush teeth, relax and craft. He even just made me these just because.


And I’ve started my Valentine’s Day wreath. Want a sneak peek??? Oh okay, stop screaming!!! I’ll give you a sneak peek! Settle down!


Are you doing anything to prepare? Does your family celebrate Valentine’s or is it just another day? Let me know in the comments below.

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