Monday, February 11, 2013

Little Ways to Bring the Seasons Indoors

To make your home seasonal doesn’t have to require much time or money, and can be as extensive or easy as you’d like. Here are a few ways to decorate for the seasons or holidays. You could do all of them and still fit each theme of décor into a shoebox to pack it away!

Candles- colors, scents, shapes, all easy ways to decorate and have a little celebration. What I like to do is close my eyes, and think for just a second before lighting each one. I think of a person who needs a little prayer, or I wish for good weather (or snow!) I pray for peace, wisdom, patience. I thank God for seeing another spring. If you’re not spiritual you could simple take a moment to think of a good memory with a loved one, or something uplifting.

Doilies and Table Runners- I crochet and knit and am trying to tackle the mission of making a doily for each each season and holiday. Nothing huge or overwhelming, just a small bit to throw onto the table as a centerpiece. If you don’t crochet or knit then you can buy premade doilies in the craft store and dye them different colors for the different themes, or check out sites like Etsy or Artfire to support handmade. I’m about to tackle this one- The Heart’s Desire, and hopefully churn out at least 1 in the next 3 days. You can also make or buy table runners, which are just larger usually long and skinny bits. Runners are usually fabric, and there are lots of quilting patterns for them if you’re into that!
Photo from Pattern Website, and it NOT my own.
Vases and Fillers- You can grab a small vase in almost any theme, even just at the dollar store. Then I tuck in a few fake flowers, fresh flowers from the garden, or whatever suits the season. Sometimes it’s a glittery bit of plastic with streamers, sometimes a simple evergreen clipping (always fake, because I’m allergic.) Or force a bulb in a pot, and use it as a centerpiece. Everyday when you sit down to dinner you can view the plant growing, budding, blooming.

Garlands and Banners- Garlands are HUGE right now, and you can even find lots of free printable ones online for all sorts of themes. It seems like any blog that focuses on design or crafts offers one free at some point, or even regularly throughout the year. This is another task I’m trying to conquer, making a garland for each decorating theme. It’s slow going. So far I have a sewn birthday banner, and a heart garland you’ll see soon. I tend to whip up simple ones that only last one season, I want an heirloom worthy one for each holiday. You can make garlands, buy garlands at the store, or buy handmade online. And stay tuned to the blog for new ideas as the seasons change!

Note Papers and To-Do Lists- If you are the kind to use to-do lists, or a pad of paper on the fridge for a grocery list, simply change it out! These pads of paper are so easy to find in any store and are so inexpensive! If you also make little notes on them you can tuck them away, and at year end you know when each one was written, and you could tuck them into a scrapbook for year review book.

Air Fresheners- I make my own cleaners (vinegar, water, and some added bits) and I like to add a few drops of essential oils. The essential oils can add to the cleaning power, but they also can add a nice seasonal fragrance to the room naturally. Since I can't use purchased air fresheners I also make my own spray air fresheners by mixing water, a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and some essential oil. I love to make up a spray or cleaner that seems seasonal to me. You can also add oils to the water when you mop your floor! You can purchase essential oils at health food stores, new age stores, or online. You want true essential oils, not fragrance oils. The price will vary based on what the oil is, but you can buy just a tiny bottle. Some will be in carrier oils, which helps lower the price, but you may need to use a few drops more. Using it for air fresheners, or cleaners takes only a few drops.

Soaps- An easy thing to do is use a seasonal soap! Simply drop a bar or bottle by the sink, and since it gets used up there won't be anything to pack away! You could go all out and get a seasonal liquid soap dispenser. And I wouldn't hold it against you if your Santa dispenser is still out in July. Have you ever decoupaged soaps? This used to be a big thing, and I'll do a tutorial here on the blog. It's an easy way to make soaps for any theme or season!

You could easily do all of these ideas, and even a couple more, and then simply pack them away in a small box. If you wanted to get really into it, then set up a seasonal table (details coming soon!) Try using seasonal dishes, or seasonal towels. You can even change out pictures for seasonal pictures and wall hangings!

Do you do anything special for seasonal or holiday décor? Or really just for the big ones? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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